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Premier Design Builders

Since 2009

Since 2009

Crafting Plans into Reality with Expert General Contracting

Since 2009, Premier Design Builders has provided the southeastern areas of the United States with the best in building, Government, State and Federal general contracting services. We handle all classifications of building and contracting, including:

  • Defense Contracting constructions
  • NCDOT Acquisitions
  • Site Development
  • Demolition and clearing
  • Commercial renovation and Building Renovations

We hire only the best subcontractors in their class, and as your one-stop design-build firm, our general contractors will execute your project from the drawings to the final sign-off, with strict attention to budget and timeline demands.

Once we assemble our elite team for your particular job, we will visit the job site to fulfill the client’s expectations . Attention to detail, personal integrity—nothing less than the best will do.

Our Clients

Commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, government, and military—we have the teams and the tools to succeed with every task.

Exclusive Project Execution

Premier Design Builders is your premier choice for all construction needs. Headquartered in Kernersville, North Carolina, we specialize in Federal and State contracting as well as various other projects. Unlike others, we bring our operations directly to your job site, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the project’s scope and a dedicated focus on its unique requirements. Our strategy includes hiring expert professionals specifically tailored to each project’s demands. By utilizing skilled labor on an as-needed basis, we adeptly manage projects across multiple locations, selecting the finest partners, subcontractors, support staff, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This meticulous approach guarantees flawless execution and unwavering success for your project. Choose Premier Design Builders for unparalleled quality and reliability in construction.


Experience Flawless Execution: We Assemble a Seasoned Team for a Project that Exceeds Expectations.


Our dedication to superior workmanship ensures impeccable craftsmanship, transforming your vision into tangible reality with unrivaled precision and attention to detail

Industry Experts

Unmatched Expertise General Contractor


Nothing Less

Once we assemble our elite team for your particular job, we walk onto the job site with only one thing in mind: get it done, and get it done right. Attention to detail, personal integrity—nothing less than the best will do.

Execution Excellence

Your Ultimate Contracting Solution

Bonded, insured, and experts in contracting, construction, and building—our Kernersville area general contractors can execute and complete any kind of project you need. We maintain strong, long-standing relationships with a number of strategic industry alliances and other competent companies all across the southeastern United States to ensure that we always have access to a stable workforce and have adequate support to maintain and perform our core competencies. We strive to provide seamless design/build/completion integration.


Attention to Detail

A building, a road, or water infrastructure—it’s just a matter of knowing what every job entails and applying experienced expertise to create an exclusive solution.

Project Framework

Every job has its needs, and understanding how to get from the drafting desk to the job site and from bare ground to a final product—that’s what we do.

Getting It Done

From the drawings to the personnel, and from the plan to the materials, our job is to ensure everything falls into place for a job well done.